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The KISS Approach To Health

Modern conventional medicine is based on germ theory. 


Natural Medicine principles are based on Terrain Theory.


Conventional thinking in the past has called Terrain Theory pseudo science. With the KISS Approach to Health we believe both theories are correct and both work together. This has been especially visible throughout 2020.


One thing that is certain is that a healthy mind, body and spirit (Terrain Theory) makes sickness from bugs (Germ Theory) far less likely.


With The KISS Approach to Health our aim is to teach you to take control of your own health. You know your body and how you feel better than anybody. We believe in an Integrative Health Approach and believe that conventional and natural health need to work together. Unfortunately in our old world healthcare has been controlled by Big Pharma with the result that when you visit a Doctor their answer to practically everything is which drugs do you need. Health workers go into health care with good and honourable intentions, however medical training has been funded by Big Pharma for a very long time and so that is all they know. In recent years we have seen some Doctors trying to educate themselves more in the natural health and adopt an integrative health approach. There are lots of different practices that are available many of which overlap each other.

Many people use different approaches, some conventional some less conventional. We teach you or your staff to find what works for them. However, our approach does concentrate on creating a fit and healthy mind and body with nutrition, fitness, osteopathy, homeopathy and mental health with the aim of not needing conventional medicine unless absolutely necessary. These are very specialised subjects and we work with experts in these areas.

Health Shake

The Principles That Run Through Everything

KISS - Keep It Super Simple

Mindset:   Humility, Authenticity, Humanity,

                    Integrity, Unity, 


The Areas We Apply This To








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