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The KISS Approach To Business

The current philosophy in business especially in larger companies is based on the business teachings of Jack Welch. This philosophy is putting shareholders and profit first before customers and staff. This has resulted in a world in which customers needs are rarely met. Customers come at the bottom of the importance list and although a lot of companies use marketing to influence perception into thinking that they care about customer service and meeting customer needs, because of their commitments to share holders or stake holders customers will always be an after thought or a means to an end. Although a vast amount of businesses, (especially smaller businesses) are trying to do the right thing, they still have financial commitments to meet and

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because all courses that I have ever come across, teach the old way of looking at business they are unwittingly continuing in this engrained mindset of profit first. With The KISS Approach you will learn how putting customers and staff first will have the effect of sustainable business growth and profitability.  We went through a phase of customers feeling like just a number and that companies really didn’t care. This resulted in smaller companies trying their best to be different and to care about their customers but as the old philosophy hasn’t changed these companies jump on popular bandwagons and end up in the cycle of cancel culture. All of these problems are due to making decisions without understand why they do what you do, who you are as a company and having no strategy. Most companies and people confuse goals with strategy.


The KISS Approach to Business is here to teach you a new philosophy that genuinely puts staff and customers first. Remember without a customer need you have no business.

Is your company suffering with a lack of direction? Have the challenges of 2020 & 2021 forced you to rethink your business direction & approach but you don't know where to go?
Have your staff lost all enthusiasm and moral is low?
Do you have a low customer experience rating?
Has your marketing or strategic marketing lost its effectiveness?
Would you like to know how to increase sales, cold calling or pipeline generation?
​Let us show you how keeping it super simple and being authentic, having integrity, putting humanity, staff & customers front & centre is good for business & investors.

The Principles That Run Through Everything

KISS - Keep It Super Simple

Mindset:   Humility, Authenticity, Humanity,

                    Integrity, Unity, 

                    Unprejudiced Observer,  

                    Infinite Thinking, 

                    Strategic Thinking

The Areas We Apply These Principals To

Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational Marketing

Inspirational Sales

Inspirational Support - Customer & Staff

Inspirational Research & Development

Keep It Super Simple with integrity, authenticity, humility, humanity & unity

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