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Our Why

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our lives came to a sudden halt. We lost a lot of our conveniences and pleasures that used to be part of our everyday lives. Many of us have had to start "fending for ourselves" in ways that we haven't for a long time. Dr appointments were like fairy dust and those of us that love a Friday night takeaway, had to learn how to make our own korma at home. Many of us were forced to go back to basics, stay local and keep away from our loved ones. 2 years later, and our lives are still not going "back to normal". Is it time we create our own "new normal"? We think so. 

As a family, we have been living this "back to basics" approach for over a decade. The KISS Approach was born through a desire to teach these skills to anyone wanting to take responsibility, take control of their lives and create their own "new normal". 

Our Vision

At its core, The KISS Approach is all about taking responsibility. Our vision is a world in which people have the knowledge and the skills to live their lives on their own terms. A world where we are less reliant on globalists and instead rely on ourselves and our communities. A world where people come together to share skills and resources rather than relying on industry giants.  Through the new age trend of 2012, we saw an influx of "back to basis" programs such as Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild that covered people escaping the rat race to live a simpler life. However, we believe that this can be done in a way which allows us to feel a sense of freedom, without moving to the jungle.

A world where our lives are brought into balance 

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people who want to take responsibility for their lives and learn the new skills they need to achieve this. To share the knowledge we have cultivated over years of experience and help you to find your equilibrium in this brave new world.  Whether you want to learn how to grow your own food, look after your own health, change the oil in your car, make your own shower gel, support the healing of a broken bone or run a business. We are here to help you achieve this. If we all learn the skills we need to support ourselves, we relieve the pressure not only from those outside sources but also ourselves.

Security comes from knowing you can handle whatever life throws at you.  

This is our mission, and we choose to accept it. 

Our Principles That Run Through Everything

Keep It Super Simple with Integrity, Authenticity, Humanity & Unity.

The Areas We Apply This To




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