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Introducing The KISS Approach - A Lighter Approach For A Lighter World

The world has slowly been evolving, at least over the last decade but since March 2020 we have experienced a great awakening and the world has been changed forever. For those of us who have been awake for a long time we can see the wonderful new world that lies ahead of us but for those who are only just waking up or are still very much fast asleep the world is a scary place.

Do you feel that the way we do business needs to change when we open up again? Do you want to take control of your own health from now on and do you want to develop a balance between work and home because you’ve realised that working yourself to the grave just isn't worth it.

Then The KISS Approach is for you.

After many years of observing the things going wrong in the world of business I set out to create a new way of approaching the problems. The challenges I observed were customer satisfaction, staff moral, skills shortages, mistaking goals for a strategy, ineffective marketing, lack of leadership, lack of pipeline, not to mention the bombshell that was 2020 and the effect it had on businesses. How do we recover businesses after this?

The World Economic Forums answer is The Great Reset. On the surface with the headlines of saving the planet, climate change, you’ll own nothing but you’ll be happy etc. etc. this is communicated as and some will see it as a great way forward. We’ve all had a year of listening to these ads.

The trouble is, if like me you have seen the corruption, whether that be recently or many years ago, you know that all is not what is being communicated. Whichever way we look at it trans humanism and the 4th industrial revolution is their plan. Having been around the tech industry and health industry for 36 years the majority of companies and employees go down these routes because they genuinely want to do good in the world and to help improve peoples lives. Unfortunately the majority have failed to see the big picture and the money behind these endeavours.

The way we create our own reset and reject their plan is by taking control of ourselves whether that be our lives, our health or our businesses. We need our businesses back, all be it in an adapted form for our livelihoods, our mental health, physical health and the economy.

The business approach we have used for decades comes from the likes of Jack Welch in which shareholders and business owners come first and foremost to the detriment of staff and customers. If there is one thing my time on this planet has taught me is that nothing functions alone and there is no such thing as absolute truth. Truth is a perception from a collection of information and experiences that we as individuals are exposed to.

After 2020 we need to bring our businesses back stronger and genuinely build back in a way that we see as better and not in the way the WEF see as better, where the few are rich and the rest are controlled.

I’ve been a consultant since 2007. I spent 2020 bringing together all of the ways in which we taught companies in the past how to improve in individual silos or piecemeal and have created a new approach that every business, entrepreneur, sole trader, employee or large business owner can implement to lead a happy, healthy, successful and profitable life.

I have been working on The KISS Approach To Business since 2016 but 2020 showed me that I use this approach in my personal health and my life in general. With happy healthy staff businesses will thrive.

And so 2021 The KISS Approach was born with 3 areas instead of 1:

The KISS Approach To Business

The KISS Approach To Health

The KISS Approach To Life

The Approach has the principles of Keep It Super Simple with Integrity, Authenticity, Humility, Humanity and Unity throughout everything that we do.

Our Approach is based on inspiration rather than the tactics of manipulation, fear, uncertainty and doubt that have been the only way in the past. The days of selling by fear need to be over and it starts with Inspirational leaders creating inspirational goals which is implemented through an inspirational strategy which includes inspirational marketing, inspirational selling, inspirational support whether that be to customers or staff. At the top of the inspirational goals and strategy list needs to be staff. Happy healthy staff perform better, this is no secret and not new and yet so many companies treat their staff like a number or work horses. Do you remember the day when the Personnel department changed its name to Human Resources? I do. The clue is in the title! It is time this changed.

Several great writers and consultants have written about small elements of this but what The KISS Approach does is bring them all together under one consolidated banner that can be implemented company wide and that individuals can implement in their lives to become successful.

It is a new lighter approach fit for a new lighter world that together we create for ourselves.

The KISS Approach To Business teaches Company owners, company leaders, management and all employees including the most junior member of staff how to conduct business so that customers are happy to do business with you and the company is a nice environment to be in.

We cover the topics of:

Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational Marketing

Inspirational Sales

Inspirational Support - Customer & Staff

Inspirational Research & Development

The KISS Approach To Health teaches individuals and all members of a company how to take control of their own health and how to stay healthy.

You may have heard about terrain theory which up until last year was ridiculed by the main stream however all natural health practitioners work on the principles of terrain theory. It is only the pharmaceutical industry that has championed germ theory. You will learn how to get your terrain in order so that your body is capable of fighting off any germs flying around.

We cover the topics of:








The KISS Approach to life teaches you all about living a life of balance.

We cover the topics of:





You can get involved in as little or as much as you want. You can follow our blog and listen to our videos. You can join our membership site where we go into more depth with videos and podcasts. You can join our 5 day seminars where we go into even more depth which then comes with 12 months free access to the membership site.

You can certify in one or all three areas of business, health & life which as a company shows customers and potential staff that you are a good company to work for or do business with and as an individual looking for work you are showing companies that you follow the KISS Approach and are a good person to hire.

The deepest option is you can bring us in as consultants to transform your business to a new way of working. How you get involved is up to you but there will be no hard sales tactics, ever.


f you are only interested in profit and how much you can get out of staff and customers then this really isn’t the approach for you and it would be best if you didn’t waste your valuable time listening to me, you have far more important things to do. But if you are interested in changing the way business is conducted, helping staff to be healthy (which means less sick days) and making sure your staff don’t burn out by trying to balance work and home then please join us in making this world a better place.

My name is Melanie Medhurst and I am the founder and creator of The KISS Approach and I hope to see you again soon. If you would like to know who I am and what qualifies me to do this then please take a look at the About page on our website and I’ll do a video one day for those that are interested. Please like and subscribe to our channel and sign up for our news letter.


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