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Meet the face behind the posts

Born in the UK, I was moved to Germany a few months before my 15th birthday. I first started waking up to something not being right in the world at the age of 16 after my first memorable appointment with a GP. Despite this I studied conventional medicine in Germany up to Physicians Assistant level. After working in a Gynaecology Clinic for 10 years specialising in infertility and female oncology, I decided to return to my beloved UK. I missed the British people especially our sense of humour. 


As the Physicians Assistant role didn’t exist in the UK I went into organising international events and Marketing using my German skills. After joining IBM I did a degree in Marketing eventually becoming Marketing Director for a UK start-up. My particular passion has always been in strategic marketing and business strategy. I left to have my children but continued as a marketing consultant to small local businesses. During this time I also launched a local magazine when I got frustrated with the lack of local information and positive news in the local media which I sold on but is still running today. 



In 2007 I became extremely ill and spent 5 years fighting for my life. Every time I went to the Doctors I got worse. This is when I really became aware of the dark forces controlling healthcare systems, businesses and our world in general. After being told to get my affairs in order and a near death experience I decided that I would take control of my own health. Using nutrition and homeopathy within 6 months I had my life back after 5 years and was discharged from the specialist I was under. Fascinated by how it had worked I studied nutrition and homeopathy initially just to look after myself and my family. As time went on I was completely awake to the workings of our world in 2010/2011. 


Looking back throughout my life from a very young age I can see that I have had a natural gift for strategy. I was able to piece together all of the issues facing our world and adapted my families life to be less dependent on the system. I home educated both of my children and adapted our house and nutrition to be as self-sufficient and sustainable as possible. 


After all of that was completed I decided I needed to teach businesses how to adapt their strategy to this new lighter world. After reading 100s of books and attending several seminars I could see that no matter how well intentioned, the modern day business teachings were still using the old (dark) approach to business just adapted to social media. I initially created The Kiss Approach To Business but then realised that I used this approach in my life and with my health. So my mission is to help humanity come to terms with our new reality and the awakening the majority have had in 2020/2021 and to give my fellow humans the tools to use in their life, with their health and in the businesses they run or employment that they participate in. 


I sincerely hope you enjoy The KISS Approach and will join me in creating a world that is fit for our beautiful children.


Love  and Blessings

Melanie Medhurst RsHom

Keep It Super Simple with Integrity, Authenticity, Humility, Humanity & Unity

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