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It Only Takes One Spark To Light The Way Forward

The KISS Approach for business is an approach to business in which the focus is on mutual success for all participants including shareholders/stakeholders, staff, customers, suppliers, partners etc. In the past businesses have been run with the main focus being the success of shareholders and stakeholders. The time has come with the rise of staff shortages, staff illnesses, customer dissatisfaction, the culture of social media and the new world we are moving towards, that businesses cannot afford to continue on this path. Businesses lost the human element turning more and more to technology even turning the Personnel departments into Human Resources. This name change brought significant consequence with it. Technology is an enabler and should be embraced however it should not be at the expense of the human being.


The KISS Approach teaches businesses to bring honesty, integrity, humanity and unity back into its business whilst keeping it super simple. It teaches businesses that whilst they may see themselves as an island they are actually connected underneath by the earth. The customer facing staff and customers may be the bit on the surface that you see but without staff on every level, stakeholders, shareholders, suppliers, partners etc. grounding them, business are floating aimlessly on the surface not actually providing any value and at risk of sinking. The KISS Approach teaches business that all participants are connected and equally valuable and success and wellbeing must be provided to all.

Is It Time To Take Back Your Power?

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The KISS Approach For Individuals

The KISS Approach is an approach to business, health and life that has the principles of Keep It Super Simple with Integrity, Authenticity, Humanity and Unity at its core.

The KISS Approach focuses on balancing the main areas of our lives. It can be applied to all areas such as health, business, life and relationships. This balance is beneficial for everyone from CEO's, Lawyers, Nurses, Homemakers and any young adults. 

Let us teach you how to balance your life and bring you back to you. 

It only takes one spark to light the way forward!

The Principals

Keep It Super Simple with Integrity, Authenticity, Humanity & Unity

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It's up to you

It only takes one spark to light the way forward!

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